The GreenFish Brasil

Located in Belém, Pará, Brazil, Greenfish Brasil is a company specialized in the production and trade of fish, fresh and frozen, bringing the best of the Amazon to the world.

Our mission is to generate value for our customers, working on the development of the fishing sector in Amazon in a sustainable way. We place quality on top, including our products and in our conduct along the society. We have a team committed to make the difference and practice fair trade. We believe in a responsible use of Brazil´s natural resources, so that future generations can continue to enjoy its best for many years.

Our mission is primarily supported by three pillars:

• To deliver high quality seafood, carefully chosen and meeting rigorous standards of production;
• To ensure customers satisfaction through integrity, honesty and delivery on-time;
• To innovate in the seafood market, offering products never done before, in order to generate new development opportunities for the fishing communities of the Amazon.

Lucas Martins - President of GreenFish


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